Premium Hemp Extracts and CBD Oils

To provide the highest product quality we control the full product-cycle from propagated plants, harvest, and hemp oil extraction to the finished product. We grow our own plants. Hemp plants clean the soil such that their roots pull in all contaminants they can find. Our soil is free from contaminants and we use pure Rocky Mountain snowmelt to water the fields ensuring the plants do not get contaminated by the water supply.

NOTE: Our product labels show the cannabinoid content per recommended dose.

Highest Quality Hemp Extracts & CBD Oils

With more than 17 years experience growing organic produce, we grow our own proprietary hemp genetics that deliver a full spectrum of cannabinoids, naturally occurring antioxidants and neuroprotectants. Unlike most CBD Oil producers, we use full-spectrum hemp extracts instead of CBD isolates in our products. We believe that all cannabinoids and other plant beneficials contained in a full-spectrum hemp extract create an entourage effect that CBD isolates cannot deliver.

Balance Plus

Enjoy our hemp tinctures daily to support a healthy and active lifestyle.

Using the most advanced hemp strains, organically grown on our own farm and watered with pure Rocky Mountain snowmelt, we deliver the most potent full-spectrum hemp extract available on the market today. Our products are exclusively crafted in our licensed extraction lab and commercial kitchen. Every batch is independently lab tested for potency and contaminants to deliver the best possible product to our customers.

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