About us

We are a working organic farm and hemp operation located in Boulder, CO.

For over seventeen years our farm provides natural and organic fruits, vegetables and wild foods. We naturally raise livestock, provide organic meats, and participate in a CSA (community share agriculture) program, providing weekly shares of farm product to its members.

With the passage of the 2014 farm bill legalizing industrial hemp, we registered our hemp genetics with the Colorado Department of Agriculture and added hemp as a new crop. Using our experience in organic farming we developed proprietary methods to grow our hemp organically.

Today our genetics feature the highest ratio of CBD and other cannabinoids, currently available anywhere in the the world. Realizing the need for consistency, we use cuttings from our mother plants to retain consistent quality genetics. These cuttings are then transplanted directly into our fertile fields where they are watered with pure untreated Rocky Mountain snowmelt. The plants reach maturity and are harvested in late October. From here we use our own extraction lab and processing equipment to exclusively craft our artisan blend of hemp oil products rich in cannabinoids.

Boulder Grown Organics

We proudly produce all of our organically grown crops, from hemp to natural foods, right here on our farm in Boulder, CO